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Ultimate Guide: Solutions for Assisting Patients with Light-Sensitive Conditions Including Migraines and Headaches ‍


Living with light sensitivity can be challenging, affecting daily activities and overall quality of life. Conditions like migraines, headaches, blepharospasm, and other light-sensitive ailments can cause discomfort, pain, and visual disturbances. Thankfully, solutions are available to help alleviate these symptoms and improve visual comfort. This comprehensive guide will explore different approaches and technologies that can assist individuals with light-sensitive conditions.

Understanding Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity, medically known as photophobia, is a symptom that causes an abnormal sensitivity to light. It is often associated with other underlying problems such as migraines, dry eyes, or eye inflammation. When exposed to bright sunlight or indoor lighting, individuals with photophobia may experience discomfort, pain, headaches, and a desire to blink or close their eyes. For patients with Mild to Moderate Photophobia, most of the time good sunglasses and/or glasses with tinting/photochromic properties will do the job. We also recommend to also wear hat with brim to cover the eyes. 1

Photophobia is linked to the connection between the light-detecting cells in the eyes and the nerves that transmit visual signals to the brain. Conditions like migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, meningitis, brain injuries, and certain eye diseases can all contribute to light sensitivity.

FL-41 Filter: A Solution for Light Sensitivity

One effective solution for managing light sensitivity is the FL-41 filter. The FL-41 filter works by blocking specific wavelengths of light, mainly blue and green, which are known to be bothersome for individuals with light sensitivity. By filtering out these wavelengths, the FL-41 filter can improve visual acuity, contrast, and sharpness, ultimately reducing discomfort and pain associated with light sensitivity. 

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The optical team at Boerne Vision Center can apply an FL-41 filter to most lens materials, except for those with pre-existing coatings such as hard coats, scratch coats, UV filters, anti-reflective treatments, or other tints and filters. If you would like to purchase eyewear with an FL-41 tint, consult your doctor or our optical staff, and we can help you choose the best solution for your personal needs. Different levels of filtration can be achieved depending on the lens material, with CR-39 plastic being more suitable for a darker FL-41 filter.

Boerne Vision Center offers many options for FL-41 tints and can help you find the right pairing of tints, coatings, and lens materials for optimal lens performance. It is important to note that most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, do not cover the cost of adding filters to lenses. However, checking with your insurance provider for any possible exceptions is always recommended.

FL-41 Filter: Indoor and Outdoor Use

The FL-41 filter can be worn indoors and outdoors, although it is typically more beneficial indoors. The filter was initially designed for fluorescent lighting conditions, hence the “FL” in FL-41. Despite the name and origin, some individuals may also find it helpful to wear the FL-41 filter outdoors. For outdoor use, it is essential to consider personal preferences and needs.  fl 41 glasses tint infographic Some individuals opt for a lighter FL-41 filter for indoor use and a darker one for outdoor use. Multiple pairs of glasses may be required to accommodate different settings, activities, and environments.

Besides the specialty tinted contact lenses you can also adjust your workspace, digital device brightness, change to dimmable or smart lightbulbs, add blackout curtains and even talk to us about a prescription for car window tint. Remember to give us a call if light sensitivity symptoms are worsening, they may be signs of other eye conditions

Obtaining the FL-41 Filter

To obtain the FL-41 filter, call Boerne Vision Center or book an appointment. If your prescription is not up to date or you need a comprehensive vision exam, the Boerne Vision Center team may recommend an eye exam before making your new glasses.  charli an active person wearing eyeglasses that have a slight g 1f17e4f4 7a01 4649 9ac4 0caa62e63a8e  Ask about our large selection of frames so we can build the perfect pair of eyeglasses for you.

Enhancing Color Vision for Color Blindness

Another area where vision assistance is crucial is color blindness. Color blindness is a condition that affects how individuals perceive and distinguish colors. EnChroma glasses have been developed specifically to address red-green color blindness, which accounts for approximately four out of five cases of color blindness. pug field

Color blindness encompasses a range of conditions, from mild to severe, where individuals see colors differently. The most common types of red-green color blindness are Protanomaly and Deuteranomaly, which are forms of partial red-green color blindness. In more extreme cases, individuals may have Protanopia or Deuteranopia, complete forms of red-green color blindness, resulting in the inability to differentiate between red and green colors. With EnChroma

EnChroma glasses utilize patented technology to enhance color vision for individuals with red-green color blindness. Their lenses are designed to improve color discrimination and render colors more accurately. The glasses boost specific colors, depending on the type of color blindness. For Deutan color blindness, which affects greens more than reds, the glasses enhance greens and normalize the red-green ratio. For Protan color blindness, which affects reds more than greens, the glasses boost reds and normalize the red-green balance. 

EnChroma offers both non-prescription and prescription color-blind lenses. The non-prescription lenses are suitable for outdoor use in bright sunlight and partly cloudy. They enhance color vision and provide 100% UV blocking and glare protection, functioning as sunglasses. EnChroma also provides prescription lenses that can be customized with single-vision or progressive lens prescriptions. Fitovers are available to wear EnChroma glasses over existing prescription eyewear conveniently.

Next Generation Color Blind Lens Technology

EnChroma has recently introduced its next-generation color blind lens technology, which further improves color performance. These new lenses deliver up to 35% better color performance, rendering whites and neutrals more accurately. Scientifically proven to stimulate the brain’s color vision processing, these lenses provide a more vibrant and vivid color experience. enchroma 2

It is important to note that EnChroma lenses do not provide normal color vision. They are designed to assist individuals with red-green color blindness in perceiving and differentiate colors more effectively. While EnChroma lenses have been proven effective for most individuals with red-green color blindness, they may not be suitable for individuals with Tritanomaly or Tritanopia, which are color vision deficiencies related to reduced color discrimination of shades of blue and yellow.

Choosing the Right Lens

To choose the right lens for color blindness, it is essential to determine the individual’s type of color blindness. EnChroma provides an online Color Blind Test that can help identify the specific type of color blindness. However, if the test is not feasible, the most popular lens for Deutan color blindness, which works for over 75% of individuals with red-green color blindness, can be a suitable choice.  enchroma

The Outdoor Deutan or Indoor Universal lenses are recommended for non-prescription options.

Lens Features and FAQ

EnChroma lenses come in different variations for various lighting conditions. The Outdoor lenses are designed for outdoor use in bright sunlight or partly cloudy conditions. They enhance color vision while providing UV blocking and glare protection. The Indoor lenses, on the other hand, are suitable for typical indoor lighting conditions and can enhance color vision during activities such as school work, cooking, watching sports or movies, browsing the web, and playing video games. 

Polarized sunglasses on sunny sky UV protection For individuals with prescriptions, EnChroma offers lenses that can be customized to their specific needs. The lenses can be made with single vision or progressive prescriptions, ensuring optimal visual correction and color enhancement. 

For further information or any questions, Boerne Vision Center provides customer support during business hours. Their knowledgeable staff can assist with inquiries and guide lens selection and customization.


 Living with light-sensitive conditions can be challenging, but individuals can experience improved visual comfort and enhanced color perception with the right solutions. The FL-41 filter and EnChroma lenses offer effective options for managing light sensitivity and color blindness. By leveraging technological advancements and understanding the unique needs of individuals with these conditions, we can provide tailored solutions that make a significant difference in their daily lives. If you or someone you know is struggling with light sensitivity or color blindness, consider exploring these innovative solutions to unlock a brighter, more vibrant world of vision.

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