Boerne Vision Center is committed to providing the highest quality health care as well as outstanding service concerning insurance and patient billing. To ensure that the billing process goes smoothly, please:

Provide a current phone number, address, and most recent insurance information.
Understand your insurance benefits, limitations and procedures.
Be prepared to make payment at the time of service for co-pays and non-covered services if your insurance company requires a co-pay or out-of-pocket expense.
Our team is available to assist you with all aspects of your financial aspects of your care:

For billing & insurance questions:

please Contact Us online or call during office hours!

For all questions on statements or bills with the Date of Service (DOS) before February 2018 please contact (210) 271 – 7648.


Insurance Plan Participation
It is the patient’s responsibility to be aware of their insurance coverage, policy provisions and authorization requirements. Not all providers participate with all insurances; please verify whether Boerne Vision Center accepts your insurance coverage when scheduling an appointment. We bill non-participating insurance companies as a courtesy to you. Any outstanding balances are the responsibility of the patient. All co-payments and past due balances are due and payable at the time of service. 

We are “participating physicians”. This means that we must accept Medicare’s allowed charge for services rendered. Medicare will pay 80% of the approved amount. The patient is responsible for the remaining 20% plus any out of pocket deductible. If you have secondary insurance, we will submit the claim for the remaining balance after Medicare has paid. Please remember that the patient, by federal law, must be held responsible for any portion of the approved amount not paid by Medicare or a secondary insurance company.

It is the patient’s responsibility to know if a referral is required by the patient’s insurance carrier. If a referral is required, the patient is responsible for obtaining the referral prior to the time of the visit. If the referral is not obtained, the patient’s appointment will be rescheduled.