We will break Boerne Vision glasses down into several categories to help you determine the best fit for you. Before shopping for new glasses, it’s essential to visit your eye doctor at Boerne Vision Center. Schedule an eye exam, and we will help you determine what type of vision correction you need.

We've got your optical needs covered!

Your optometrist will write you an eyeglass prescription. You can use this to visit one of our opticians or send us an email with some of your favorite looks, and we can help you prepare for your optical shop visit.

According to the Boerne residents we have been servicing, glasses are becoming more than just a visual aid. More and more of our patients are coming into our practice looking for answers on how their glasses can be upgraded to better technology or better style. We enjoyed answering all of your questions and thought it would be helpful to share what we have learned on getting the best glasses for you!

Boerne Vision Glasses Lenses

Optician holds box with lenses of different colors
Boerne Vision Center offers a large selection of lenses in various colors.

Let’s talk first about lenses. We get so many inquiries about the different types of lenses. Boerne Vision Center recommends Zeiss ophthalmic lenses. Zeiss has a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of fine optical instruments, like camera phones lenses, scopes, microscopes, and more. Zeiss lenses give greater clarity and performance. For these reasons, Boerne Vision Center chose Zeiss lenses as their primary lab partner.


Clear business vision
Boerne Vision offers a wide range of lens options.


Single vision lenses are ideal if you do not have an active lifestyle and do not need your lenses to accommodate a variety of distances. We will recommend single vision if you only need one prescribed acuity correction if you are nearsighted or farsighted and also if you have astigmatism.
We also offer several coatings, including blue light coatings and antireflective coatings. These coatings can be added to all of our lenses. It is also important to point out that there are new ways to make lenses that allow them to provide a much clearer vision to you. These are called digital lenses, and if you are looking for the best possible vision. Hence, you enjoy an optimal quality of life; we can review your options in our new high-definition technology.


Eye glasses on a prescription pad for glasses or contact lenses
Your Boerne Vision Center opticians will help you find the perfect bi focal lenses.

We will suggest bifocal lenses if you need two different “powers” in them. We will determine this after asking you a series of questions and performing a range of diagnostic vision testing so we can understand the many places you need to wear your eyeglasses and the varying heights and distances of the objects you need to see and read.
We will prescribe lens correction to help you with your distance vision and near vision. What makes Boerne Vision Center different is our approach to determining your maximum comfort level when prescribing the perfect lens for your eyeglasses.


Oprician store
Boerne Vision can help you solve your multifocal needs.


Trifocal lenses are similar to bifocals. But they have an additional power to correct intermediate vision. This middle or intermediate portion is used to work on computers, see the car dashboard, or cook.
There has been a debate on the need for trifocal lenses since the introduction of progressive add lenses (PALS). Trifocals make the lens sections produce a very different power of correction, which can be challenging to transition through as you look at the various areas of the lens. This can cause discomfort and sometimes be difficult to learn how to use.
Most people get used to this and don’t have an issue. But this drawback has led to more and more of our patients requesting progressive lenses.


Screenshot 12 14 2021 11 13 13 PMProgressive lenses can perfectly fit anyone who needs bifocals or trifocals. They provide the same correction for near, intermediate, and distance vision but additional advantages. The most significant benefit is the “seamless transition” that the progressive add section of your lens (often called a corridor) can provide you throughout your day. Our patients thank us for spending the time to find the best technology in the world for their progressive lenses.
The new Zeiss SmartLife portfolio lens is our most prescribed because it features a digital technology that adapts to your position of wear throughout your day.
New technology also affects our lives every day and places new demands on our eyes and vision. The new ZEISS SmartLife portfolio was designed with our fast-changing, increasingly digital world in mind, producing eyewear that delivers sharper, more transparent, more precise vision than ever.
It is important to note that the way your lenses are fit and adjusted will play a significant role in your comfort level.
The opticians at Boerne Vision Center will work closely with your eye doctor. They will ensure your lenses not only fit perfectly but also help you choose the perfect frame. Our team will make sure your glasses sit at the proper distance on your face from your eye so you can get all of the benefits of your excellent new lenses.
As previously mentioned, all of our lenses can be customized with our range of coatings. We can also make any lens into a sunglass using standard lens tinting or polarized lens technology.
All of our lenses feature UV protection. We also offer all of our lenses in a range of materials. Your lens material will be suggested to you by your eye doctor based on your prescription, your frame, and your unique visual needs, including your lifestyle.
Your optician will take a series of measurements that will allow us to ensure your perfect fit. This art of “tailoring your lens” is what makes an independent optical shop like Boerne Vision Center your best choice. This is one of the reasons why Yelp recommends us as the #1 optical shop in Boerne, Texas.

Choosing the right eyeglass frames is very important. You should find a pair that fits your lifestyle, is comfortable for long-term wear, and expresses your personal style.

Boerne Vision Glasses Frames

Catch London gafasManufacturers use several types of plastic to make frames, including zylonite, nylon blends, and castor seed oil. 

  • Variety of colors
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lower cost
  • Less durable
  • Color can fade

maui jimThere are many different metals used to make glasses frames including:

– Titanium

– Stainless steel

– Aluminum

The price of metal frames varies depending on the material used. They can cost the same as plastic frames or reach double to triple the price.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Can be more expensive
  • Can have negative skin reactions
  • Fewer colors to choose from

semi rimlessThere are three types of frames:

Full Frame

Full frames completely outline the lens. They are the most durable frame type, and we recommend them for thick lenses.

Semi-rimless Frame

Semi-rimless frames cover the top portion of the lens. They are lighter and more comfortable but expose the lens to chips and cracks.

Rimless Frame

Rimless frames provide the largest field of vision and are the most lightweight option. However, they are more delicate than other frames.

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