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Since 2012, Boerne Vision Center has been the preferred provider of comprehensive, personalized vision examinations and services to our patients in Boerne, Fair Oaks and the surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment with us and give your vision the level of care and attention it deserves.

Our Services

We are a comprehensive, full- service eye care practice. You can get all of your eye health and wellness needs taken care of within our practice. We believe in excellence in eyecare! Our mission is to give the utmost care to each and every patient. Through integrity and professionalism, we provide caring, comprehensive eye and vision health services, a wide variety of quality products and an experience which will surpass your expectations..


Looking for unique eyeglasses? Unlike other practices, we focus on eyewear that will make you stand out and our lens selection is top quality!


We co-manage your surgery and can make your surgery process more manageable.

Vision Care

Comprehensive eye care is what we are known for. Schedule your appointment with us today.

Eye Exam

We are proud to offer a comprehensive exam experience. We are able to evaluate all of your visual needs with our suite of modern eye care technology.

Dry Eyes

With today’s demands on our eyes, dry eye syndrome is a rapidly developing concern among patients of all ages. We are experts in dry eye assessment and treatment and have many options to help you feel comfortable and avoid further eye disease.

Contact Lenses

As contact lens providers for most major brands, we can provide a complete selection of contact lenses and offer great promotions for contact lens and eyeglass packages.

Happy Stories

Erin Pressler
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I had a great experience from beginning to end! I scheduled my appointment with David- he was professional, courteous and kind. The office was clean and well kept. The receptionists were friendly and respectful to me and others who came in while I was in the lobby. Dr.Patel was very nice, patient, and informative. My experience, from start to end, was smooth and efficient. I was not waiting long for anyone and I left feeling valued, cared for, and with new contacts!
Candi Seager
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I just took my 92 year old mother to for an eye exam to Boerne Vision Center, Everyone was amazing, patient and kind! Each staff member we encountered demonstrated professionalism and understanding regarding our needs! Dr. Johnson was so thorough and thoughtful. She explained every aspect of our exam and gave wonderful suggestions to improve my mom’s eye health!
Sheri's space
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Dr. Susan Johnson is absolutely amazing! She goes above and beyond even out of her field , to insure her Patients best possible outcomes! Her entire staff is incredibly, caring, knowledgeable and truly a wonderful team!!! We are blessed to be apart of the Boerne Vision Center Family!! Thank you Dr. Johnson!! Thank you Sheri Walls
Peter La
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With a long history of vision problems, I have seen my fair share of Optometrists and Ophthalmologists. From implantable collateral lens surgeries to retinal detachment ones, I’ve been blessed to work with so many professionals. But I must say, after working with Dr. Aum Patel, O.D., this was the best experience I’ve had to date. He genuinely cares about his patients and is passionate about his work. He’s able to deliver medical jargon in a very well-digestible manner. I will 100% be back!
Ivette Hernandez
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They were very helpful and very patient with my sister. They are also very helpful with helping my mom who only speechs Spanish understand the results and with the glasses process

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