Our Services

Family Vision Care

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Children & Pediatric Exam

Infant Eye Assessment

Glasses prescriptions (near sighted, far sighted, astigmatism, reading glasses)

Contact Lenses & Corneal Evaluation

Soft Contacts (single vision, astigmatism, bifocal, colors)

Gas Permeable Contacts (RGPs, Ortho K, Sclerals)

Medical Eye Exam


Object in Eye (welding ,tree branch, other)

Corneal Ulcers, Bandage Contact lenses , Prokera

Treatment for Eye Allergies

Emergency Eye Care (red eye/pink eye)

Dry Eye Disease (Ask about Lipiflow)

Diabetic Eye Exam & Retinal Imaging

Macular Degeneration (Dry and Wet)



Surgery Co-Management

Cataract Surgery

Refractive Surgery (LASIK and PRK)

Eyelid Surgery (Eye Lift, removal of styes, skin tags)

Retinal conditions (Macular edema, retinal detachment)

Diagnosis & Treatment of Eye Diseases


Retinal Breaks, Holes, Detachment