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Our Current Services during COVID-19 Outbreak

Our office is an essential business that is open to continue care for our patients.

Due to new mandates enforced by the City of Boerne, we are now only seeing essential patients through April 23rd. (This date has been extended from April 6th because new mandates have been placed since our last blog post).

The CDC has recommended to postpone all non-emergency appointments to several weeks out in order to prevent to spread of COVID-19.

Who can we see?

Emergency/Essential patients have:

  • Sudden change of vision
  • Eye injury or something in the eye
  • New flashes, floaters, or curtain in the eye
  • New Red eyes with irritation, discharge, or pain
  • Lost or broken glasses with no recent back-up and is unable to drive/function
  • Completely out of Contacts without a back up pair of glasses that are safe to drive in
  • Uncontrolled diabetes/high blood pressure affecting vision
  • Patients who are pregnant undergoing vision changes
  • Patient having vision change during pharmaceutical treatment, chemotherapy, or radiation
  • We will triage on a case by case basis

As a reminder for patients that do need to be see before April 23rd, we do have precautions in place to combat COVID-19.

All staff are recommended to wear masks and gloves, we sanitize equipment at open, close and after every patient. The waiting area has also been rearranged to accommodate the social distancing policy

As a precaution we will be limiting the amount of people in our clinic. If you are coming in for an exam, we recommend that guests/family remain in the car if they are not essential for patient to be seen by the Doctor. We also recommend that only 1 guest come with the patient if the patient is a minor or needs to be accompanied by a caretaker.

Curbside Pick-up

We are also delivering glasses and contact lens orders to the patient’s car once they have called to confirm they are waiting outside.

you can order your contacts online and we ship for free directly to your house. Please click here to order. If you have insurance we recommend to just call over to phone so we can apply your insurance discount.

When purchasing glasses we recommend that one of our opticians frame style the patient and clean all frames before placing them back on the wall to promote cleanliness of the frames between purchases.

There are many other procedures that we are enforcing and we thank our patients for following them!

Thank you for understanding and cooperation during this time. If you have any questions please reach out to us!

Below is a summary of current services :


Vision Care (We recommend to reschedule to a later date unless you have a big change in vision)

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Children & Pediatric Exam

Infant Eye Assessment

Contact Lenses & Corneal Evaluation (Unless you have no back-up glasses and no more contacts.)

Soft Contacts (single vision, astigmatism, bifocal, colors)

Gas Permeable Contacts (RGPs, Ortho K, Sclerals, Hybrids)

Medical Eye Exam (Appointment recommended, will take walk-ins)

Treatment for Eye Allergies

Emergency Eye Care / Eye Pain

Red Eyes or Pink Eye

Dry Eye Disease (Ask about Lipiflow)

Diabetic Eye Exam & Retinal Imaging

Macular Degeneration (Dry and Wet)

Styes (chalazion, hordeolum, other lesions)

Object in Eye (welding, tree branch, other)

Chemical burns in eye, Corneal Ulcers, Bandage Contact lenses

Conjunctival and corneal disease (Amniotic Membrane Treatment) Prokera



Flashes and Floaters

Surgery Co-Management (Elective Surgeries are not recommended at this time)

Cataract Surgery

Refractive Surgery (LASIK, Refractive Lens Exchange and PRK)

Eyelid Surgery (Eye Lift, removal of styes, skin tags)

Retinal conditions (Macular degeneration, retinal detachment)

Retinal Breaks, Holes, Detachment

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