Boerne School Vision Screening- Are The Standards Enough?

Boerne School Vision Screening- Are The Standards Enough?

Child's eyes and white hat. Many schools conduct vision tests to identify visual issues that may hinder their students’ education… but are they adequate? The answer is no. These tests are limited and are not a suitable replacement for an eye exam by a professional optometrist. Parents should be aware that reliance on the information provided by these tests may have serious consequences for their child. For example, they may not identify a child’s visual problems, such as severe lazy eye or nearsightedness.

Schoolboy in eyeglasses 

One of the issues with these kinds of screenings is that they offer a very limited scope of what might be wrong with a student’s vision. A child’s vision can only be correctly evaluated by an eye physician through a comprehensive eye examination. A child’s visual acuity could be adversely affected by these screenings, particularly if the child’s visual problems can’t be easily identified. If a student successfully passes a vision screening, a parent might erroneously assume that his or her child has perfect vision, which may preclude the possibility of recognising and treating a visual problem in the future. Parents should understand that vision screenings can only identify some vision problems, such as severe lazy eye or myopia, but not others. While it is possible to detect and treat a visual condition in the present day, students must have adequate eyesight to take part in the 21st-century classroom. SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT for your kids eye exam.

Boerne Vision Center works with the following local schools in the Boerne Independent School District

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